What is Micro-Needling and how it work

In this treatment, the skin is treated with very thin and short needles. Needling is a minimally invasive method. The skin is slightly injured to stimulate the desired regeneration processes. No fear! This sounds worse than it is, but it is precisely this process of skin tightening that triggers the desired effect.

The device which is used in micro needling is easily available in the market and even operating is easy. Some use an electronically controlled needling pen with an exchangeable treatment head. In this 10 sterile needles are arranged in a row. The penetration depth of the needles and the needling speed are set individually for your skin. Of course, a new sterile attachment is used for each treatment.

How does the micro-needling line work?

The needles penetrate the skin exactly perpendicularly. Depending on the speed, thousands of micro-channels are opened in this way.

This has several positive effects:

  • The smallest micro-injuries stimulate wound healing of the skin.
  • The build-up of collagen and elastin is stimulated.
  • Blood circulation is promoted.
  • Active ingredients can be optimally introduced through the canals.

Benefits of Micro Needling

Our skin is intelligent! It begins to repair itself and produces more collagen and elastin. In addition, hyaluronic acid is released. The elasticity and firmness of the skin naturally. It looks younger, fresher and plumper.

To optimize the effect of micro-needling, special care products are used immediately after the treatment and during home care, which also supports the mechanisms of collagen regeneration.

When are treatment successes visible is generally what everyone thinks about? A visible effect will appear after a few days to weeks. The final success of the micro-needling treatment, eg for scars, is usually only seen after a few months, as the body needs time to build up new collagen in the skin.Needling is not a short-term lifting effect. Rather, skin tightening processes with a long-term effect are initiated!