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Allow me to inform you about a bit Piece of heaven. A place where you are able to return to nature in style a place where the sea meets the woods and man is invited to depart nothing but footprints. True, there is a world class hotel, however they really do their very best to minimize the effect on this unique location. I am discussing the magnificent South Stradbroke Island along with also the award winning Couran Cove Island hotel. South Stradbroke Island is one of just 15 sand islands on the planet. Its distinctive location, separated by the Australian East Coast in spaces measured in meters not kilometers, make it a really accessible holiday place which has a focus on the surroundings. Lying just off the world famous Australian Gold Coast, South Stradbroke Island offers breathtaking scenery, Livingstone rainforest, abundant wildlife, pristine beaches and subtropical mangrove estuarine habitats which support an amazing array of marine life along with the coastline eco system.

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The Island is approximately 22 km long and stretches from the Gold Coast Seaway from the South into Jumpinpin Bar in the Northern end of the island. Originally joined to North Stradbroke Island and perhaps to the mainland in what is currently the is pit’, in 1898, violent and huge seas broke through the sand isthmus in which Jumpinpin supplies a natural but dangerous inlet and coastal pub and visit an eco resort. Four years before, the Campus Wallace was wrecked and ran aground at Jumpinpin, a sailor who drifted ashore raised the alert as well as the local constabulary and customs officials mimicked the salvage operation. This was considered essential remembering a previous shipwreck when in 1887 a coastal dealer the Scottish Prince came to grief in the Southport Bar. She had been reported to be carrying a massive haul of whisky that the guys of Currigee thankfully helped themselves.

The Cargo on the Campus Wallace was nevertheless not as interesting and actually comprised a massive part of dynamite. The dynamite was considered too hazardous to relocate, therefore it had been accumulated and detonated about the sand isthmus, the subsequent explosion caused a massive cage to form from the plantations, and many believe that this event mainly led to the breaking of the seas that happened some four decades after. Having seen several photographs of this isthmus complete, I think that it could have only hastened what was unavoidable, as just 100 meters split the sea in the comparative calm of the Broadwater. The Broadwater and Moreton Bay Islands have a long record of being occupied by ancient settler’s intent on breaking out a living from the unpleasant yet unbelievably beautiful floating oasis.